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Fair points, but the problem is the plethora of new music out there. If I dedicate myself to checking out new releases, I can't just check out some, I have to check out all of them. I have over 10 different blogs on my google reader; it gets tiring having to read over 100 posts a week. Some if the bands are pretty damn good, but most of them aren't. I can't simply listen to 30 seconds and move on... okay, sometimes I've made an impression on under 30 seconds, but much of the time I don't. But even if it did work like that, I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it any more. I go into this with the mentality if "shit, gotta clear out my google reader." You could say "don't subscribe to as many blogs," but then I'd be missing out on so much stuff! I usually do like the Buddha and opt for the middle ground, but in this situations, the extremes are the most logical path. If I hear about a killer album on here or somewhere else in the metalsphere, I'll check it out, but I'm not gonna look for them myself... I'm gonna let them find me. Obviously I should probably just change my whole mentality on this, on the work vs play aspect, but that's easier said than done, at least for me... It just gets boring and tedious and repetitive and it affects my enjoyment if the music itself. So there's that.
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