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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
The WWE has really fallen apart this post-Wrestlemania. It's a good thing "Super-Cena" will be there to save everything!
They've been really falling apart for the last two years or so. Punk is the only guy that's been trying to keep it together. I hope the wrestlemania buyrates are surprising low like some sites have reported so it can wake Vince up that Cena is not the answer. Maybe they should throw the belt on Ryback and see what happens. It would be something different and it would help establish his heel turn if he beats Cena. But odds are Vince will just have Cena bury Ryback and he'll be back to opening shows and facing jobbers by Summerslam.

When exactly did Vince forget how to make new stars? He used to be so good at it.

I will be interested in seeing if Punk not being on the show causes RAWs rating's to slip down even further. Over the last few years the ratings have steadily decalined as guys like HBK, HHH, Taker, Batista and Edge are no longer around. They've really only created one new star since losing all these guys and that's CM Punk. Bringing back the Rock and Lesnar provide tempoary boosts to TV ratings and PPV buys but it doesn't solve the long term problem.

I haven't taken a "vacation" from the WWE in four or five years now. With Punk being gone this seems like the perfect time to take one.
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