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Paganfest America -- Baltimore, MD -- April 15th, 2013

Full Review w a ton of pics

about 400 people in attendance I think. Great show, great crowd, kind of lame merch. I got an Ensiferum shirt (with the old man on it).

Yesterday's Saints - got there for their last couple songs. Sounded great, very powerful. Looking forward for when they release their album!

Helsott- Sounded better than their youtube listens that I gave them. Pretty solid. I was unfamiliar with nearly all their songs, tho. They had some messy red and black face paint. Worth looking more into

Trollfest- had bee costumes, about 10 people on the stage. They sounded very messy, but pretty energetic. I knew the crowd would dig 'em, but I was kind of bored during their set, I couldn't really make out much beyond the accordion

Heidevolk- sounded very good as well, but their 2 vocalists seemed ...ineffective. One was supposed to provide clean vocals, but I only heard the harsh vox. So that kind of sucked. Regardless, I thought they sounded very good. I believe I was kind of out of it at that point tho.

Tyr - had a fun set and sounded very good. The guitars and vox could have been a bit higher in the mix, but what can you do. I apparently got pretty close during '...Heathen Hammer...' and snapped a few decent pix.

Ensiferum- Sounded great and the energy they brought was reciprocated. I was in and out of the pit an abnormal amount of times. So much fun! However, their set ended on a strange note, as they played the William Tell Overture, but then after it was over, they bowed and walked off stage kind of abruptly. A rather odd finish to an otherwise extremely enjoyable set. Even so, at that point I was too tired to complain (too much)

Setlists (from previous reports, they seem accurate as far as I can recall, esp Tyr and Einsiferum... Trollfest and Heidevolk I hope are accurate- I don't speak either of those languages and only really can confirm 100% the Jaegermeister song :3 ):

  • Vandals Divide

  • Den pne sj
  • Brumlebassen
  • Karve
  • Trinkentroll
  • Der Jegermeister
  • Helvetes Hunden Garm

  • Nehalennia
  • Ostara
  • Saksenland
  • Als de dood weer naar ons lacht
  • Een nieuw begin
  • Beest bij nacht
  • Vulgaris Magistralis

  • Flames of the Freeno
  • Trndur Gtu
  • Shadow of the Swastika
  • Hail to the Hammer
  • Regin Smiur
  • Ramund Hin Unge
  • Hold the Heathen Hammer High
  • The Lay of Thrym

  • In My Sword I Trust
  • Guardians of Fate
  • From Afar
  • Burning Leaves
  • One More Magic Potion
  • Retribution Shall Be Mine
  • Tale of Revenge
  • Lai Lai Hei
  • Treacherous Gods
  • Twilight Tavern
  • Iron
  • Battle Song
  • William Tell Overture

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