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Hallows Eve - Tales of Terror - July 12, 1985

If albums were judged on their first track, Tales of Terror would score a 9.5 out of 10... but they're not, so it doesn't. "Plunging to Megadeath" sounds like a song off of Hell Awaits before Hell Awaits even came out! Unfortunately, the rest of the album, while not bad, just isn't great. In fact, after "Plunging to Megadeath", the second track "Outer Limits" sounds like it features a completely different singer with a completely different band. The whole thing kind of goes like that though -- Hallows Eve sounds a little like Metallica sometimes, a little like Maiden later, and then on to sounding like Anthrax.

Standouts: Plunging to Megadeath, Metal Merchants

Score: 6/10
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