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Megadeth - Killing is My Business... and Business is Good! - June 12, 1985

Well finally, the last of the "Big Four" throw their hat into the ring. It's understandable though, since Mustaine had to recover from being kicked out of the Band Who Would Be the Biggest in the Land, and recover he did. You'd expect Megadeth's debut to sound like Kill 'Em All but it really doesn't, it has a sound that's pretty unique -- hell, it has a piano intro, which is a definite first for thrash! But it also shows that Metallica didn't just fire an alcoholic egomaniac, it showed that they fired an alcoholic egomaniac who can write a mean song and fucking SHRED.

The song are great, but they really get going with "Rattlehead" (Dave's answer to "Whiplash"?), continues with "Chosen Ones" and finishes off the trifecta with "Looking Down the Cross". The songs are quick, dynamic, well-written and catchy as hell. But then we come crashing down to Earth a litte... "The Four Horsemen" shits all over "Mechanix" and it's painfully obvious. Dave, they took your song and made it better, that's it. Oh, and another shitty thrash cover song... thankfully I've been listening to the re-release with "These Boots" at the end, and it seriously makes the album easier to listen to.

Standouts: Rattlehead, Looking Down the Cross, Chosen Ones

Score: 8.5/10
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