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Suffocation -- Los Angeles, CA -- April 16th, 2013

Venue: The Vex in Los Angeles, CA

It's been 2 and a half years since Suffocation has been to CA on tour. Absolutely incredible performance and pretty packed for a Tuesday night. I saw Marduk and Moonspell at the same venue a month previous on a Saturday night and the crowd attendance was about the same.

Sorry for a lame first review haha. I'm so drained physically and mentally from all of the excitement, anticipation and tears (yup, that's right) of joy I had when Suffocation came on stage. It was my 16th time seeing them and they're still the best live band I've ever seen (my opinion of course).

Exhumed was awesome as well. My good friend Bob is the bassist/low vocals, so it was great catching up with him too. They had some cool T-Shirts; both Suffo and Exhumed. I bought a $20 Despise the Sun shirt! Never expected to ever see one reprinted!

Got there when Rings of Saturn played. Music was meh but outstanding vocals. Can't stand Jungle Rot. The crowd loved them and the band was having a blast onstage so it's nothing personal at all. I just find them highly generic.

1. Thrones of Blood *
2. As Grace Descends *
3. Catatonia *
4. Funeral Inception *
5. Rapture of Revocation *
6. Pierced from Within *
7. Liege of Inveracity
8. Devoid of Truth
9. Purgatorial Punishment
10. Cataclysmic Purification
11. My Demise
12. Infecting the Crypts *
13. Mass Obliteration *

* = Means the order is correct. Tried my best memory wise and that's fairly accurate.

I've waited YEARS for them to play "Devoid of Truth"! Since Culross is in the band again and he played on the Despise the Sun EP, they've been playing it live now.
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