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This is my chat with Jon Leon, Jake Dreyer, Joseph Michael and Will Wallner from White Wizzard. I said this in another thread already but it deserves to be said again- these are some of the all around coolest and most friendly guys I have ever met. I haven't had the misfortune of interviewing a jerk yet, but most of the time my interaction with the artist effectively ends after the interview. Not these guys. After getting to know them and seeing how nice they treated me as not only a fan and a member of the press, but just as a person in general, I know that I really made a few friends after this show. Anyway, I think there's a bit of detailed insight into the lineup changes in this interview, and lots of cool info about the upcoming record. It'll kick your butts guys, I can damn near guarantee it after having been utterly floored by three out of its nine tracks.
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