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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Anyone who saw his performance at the Olympics will already know not to bother. Everyone else, YouTube it.
I didn't see it, and I still know not to bother . Seriously though, if the Fenway show sold out in 9 minutes, I don't have a chance anyway, if I were even remotely interested in seeing Paul McCartney (which I am not).

Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Tell that to the 38,000 people that sold out the Fenway Park show in 9 minutes.
Crazy how popular the Fenway shows are, not that I'm surprised or anything. It does suck that you basically have to be wealthy to go to Fenway these days, or at least be willing to dish out large sums of money which many people don't have. Fenway Park feels like more like the cool place to be seen these days than a place for die-hard baseball fans to watch their favorite team. Sorry for my rant, I just think the whole Red Sox orgainzation is a money-hungry joke. But I don't even care about baseball anymore, so why am I ranting about it on a Paul McCartney thread? Lol sorry guys.
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