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I think I'll be posting quite a bit less from here on in. Basically, it's my own damn fault by making it way too easy to figure out who I am based on what I post here (mainly the studio work I've done, interviews and gig reports and what have you). I've been found out a couple times now, and for me that's a couple times too many. Considering all the random stuff I've written over the last three years on this site, I would probably be better off remaining as anonymous as I can. I just got very very lucky that the posts that were found to have been written by me had nothing 'bad' in them so to speak. I'm not worried at all about you guys meeting me and getting to know me and some of the fun stuff I do- what I am worried about is people knowing me through professional connections and finding all the junk I've posted here over the years.

I'll continue to post my interviews for you all to check out, I don't think that's much of a problem since I generally remain opinion-less with those, but I will probably limit my gig reports to just the setlists and lay off the random posts. You're all still totally welcome to hit me up to meet up at shows and whatot, and I'll still lurk the site like no tomorrow haha.
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