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...and Oceans – Cypher (2002)

I was really into pounding/catchy industrial sounding music around 2002 and this album came out at the perfect time. I was already a fan of everything …and Oceans had done. And I watched over the course of only a few years as they morphed from a traditional black metal band into this futuristic black metal/industrial hybrid. Then this album came out and they turned into exactly what I described in the first sentence of this paragraph. A lot of people still are disappointed that they changed so much in such a short time but I was blown out of my seat within the first ten seconds of Picturesque: Cataclysm Saviour: And The Little Things That Make Us Smile. That was what I needed. And it kept on coming; song after song. What confused me about this album is how they’d take nice melodies and just fuck them up totally; like in the verse of Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms where they twist the keyboards in the total opposite direction you think they’re going to take them, and the vocals just go somewhere out there. The vocals were a little hard to digest on this album, that was my only complaint. There were moments they were totally crazy and other moments were I can only compare them to those crazy, evil henchmen who live underground in 1980’s fantasy movies. But the massive riffs on this album. And the fucked up song titles?!?! Some truly disturbed individuals made this album. They took it to a level of extreme on their follow up (after changing their name to Havoc Unit) that I'm not sure even I can handle.
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