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Fear Factory -- Toronto, Ontario -- June 22nd, 1999

Fear Factory
Support: hed (P.E.), Static X, possibly one more
Date: June 22nd, 1999
Venue: the Warehouse in Toronto, Ontario

Static X may or may not have came out first. I remember there was another support band before them but I can’t find any record of it. If anyone knows just post it or PM me and maybe it will refresh my memory. Static X gets a lot of shit but they were actually really good at this show. I’d never heard of them, and once I saw Wayne Static come up with that idiotic hair I wondered what the hell was going to happen but within five seconds of their first song I was hooked. Say what you want about Static X but I still really enjoy their first album. I thought Tony Campos’ death grunt vocals were awesome too, better live than on album. I can’t remember the exact order of what they played but I know they only played stuff from the first album and opened with I Am. They also played Bled For Days, I’m With Stupid, Push It, Fix and Wisconsin Death Trip.

hed (P.E.) came out next and they sucked. Their turntable guy did a cool thing with his turntables and a grinder. That made sparks. But their music was still horrendous. I really have nothing else to say about them.

Fear Factory was riding pretty high at this show as opposed to the other time I saw them in 1997 and these days. They put on a solid show but a lot of people were there to hear Cars and only Cars. A lot of hangers-on at this show. I always hated that song from day one. But, it put some money in the bands pockets so good for them. I just found this show lacked the anger and adrenaline of the earlier show I saw them at. It was too polished and “rock star”. I was disappointed.

They played a few more than I listed but lists them playing stuff from the first album, which I don’t remember them playing. They may have played Martyr but that would’ve been it.

Fear Factory
1. Shock 

2. Self Bias Resistor 

3. Flashpoint 

4. H-K (Hunter-Killer) 

5. Edgecrusher 

6. Smasher/Devourer 

7. Descent 

8. Pisschrist 

9. Demanufacture 

10. Resurrection 

11. Cars
12. Replica
13. Timelessness (over P.A.)
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch
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