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Suicidal Tendencies -- Salt Lake City, UT -- April 13th, 2013

Venue: In the Venue
Source: Me

You Can't Bring Me Down
Show Some Love...Tear It Down
War Inside My Head
Who's Afraid?
Send Me Your Money
??? didn't recognize it
Possessed to Skate
Slam City
Cyco Style
How Will I laugh Tomorrow...If I Can't Even Smile Today?
Pledge Your Allegiance

Sold out show tonight at what has to be the worst venue in Salt Lake City, the basement stage of In the Venue. It has a listed capacity of 480 but it seemed like a lot more than that. Terrible view and sound from the bar so I had to pass up drinking for this show. I arrived my typical one hour late and was extremely worried when a three person band came out and started playing a few Suicdal songs interspersed with songs I didn't recognize. The singer kind of looked like Mike, the songs didn't sound good and I was wondering just what the hell had happened to Suicidal Tendencies and thinking I was about to witness the worst show of my life. I was extremely relieved when the singer said after about half an hour Goodnight everybody, Suicidal is up next. I was glad this wasn't the real show but what kind of opening band covers 3 of the main act's songs?

Fortunately the real ST (or the current 5 piece version of it anyway) came out and did not disappoint. Everyone was very engergetic and Mike was his typical manic self roaming back and forth across the stage. It was interesting to hear the older punk songs like War Inside My Head extended and funkified, which was the case with a few older songs. I think more groups should try stuff like this instead of just playing the songs note for note like on the album or maybe a little faster.

I am not crazy about the new album 13 and being an old man, I would have much preferred to hear more older stuff. Would have liked to hear anything off of the Controlled By Hatred EP too. Another negative on the night is I think Mike rambles way too much in between songs, he could shut the hell up and play another song or two. But the most glaring negative on the evening was no I Saw Your Mommy. WTF Mike that is like THE Suicidal song from back in the day.

Overall it was a decent show but I don't think I would see them again.
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