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Saw the show last night (4/13) in Charlotte. Saturday night - the place was packed.
I only got there in time for Exodus and Anthrax. I tried to get there for Municipal Waste but parking was brutal.
Before Anthrax's set Charlie, Frankie and Joey walk on stage. I knew right away that they were going to say Scott wasn't going to be at the show. Bummer. Whoever their other guitarist is though played pretty well and definitely held his own. Frankie was crazy energetic through the whole show.
It was funny how Rob from Exodus tries to get the crowd going by pretty much saying "You guys suck!! Are you tired already??", while Joey is a complete nice guy - "You guys are awesome! Thanks for coming out!".

Exodus dropped Good Riddance from their set.
Anthrax set - we did not get the SOD tune. We got Madhouse instead of Imitation of Life
It was great to hear the "deep cuts" (Joey's words) from Among the Living, especially A.D.I./Horror of it All
Feb 27 - Slayer / Testament / Carcass
Feb 28 - Y&T
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