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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
You are aware that smackdown is always taped on tuesdays and the WWE has a few days to edit in the crowd reactions they want, right? Next time you watch SD listen to how fake all the cheers and boos sound. They've been doing that for a long time now.

I hope this Fandangoing thing fades away pretty quick, terrible gimmick and terrible wrestler. Jericho managed to get a negative three star match out of him at mania, that's how bad Fandango is. If he was able to show something against Jericho in his match and then win, I would give him his due. But the guy showed nothing on the biggest stage and Jericho wasn't even able to get a watchable match out of him. If Jericho can't make you look good then you just need to leave the buisness.
Ah the Smackdown crowd; popping large for Billy Lashley, Krystal Marshelle and the Un-DA-Taka since '02.

And Rue DaBona, can't forget Rue DaBona. She was huge with the Smackdown crowd.
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