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Change on the list: Number 60
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Iron Maiden

Year Of Release: 1988

2.Infinite Dreams
3.Can I Play With Madness?
4.The Evil That Men Do
5.Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
6.The Prophecy
7.The Clairvoyant
8.Only The Good Die Young

Genre: Heavy Metal

I'm sorry for making a sudden change in the list after it is over, but I had to.When the comments about Iron Maiden popped up earlier on the thread, I decided to give it a chance.I listened to this album first and was blown away.I have listened to it non-stop the past few days, and it really deserves a spot on this list.I don't even really need to say anything more about the members other than all five of them are INCREDIBLE.There's really nothing more to say about them, because that's what they truly are.Highlights for me include the excellent closing number "Only The Good Die Young", the powerful anthem "The Evil That Men Do", and the best Maiden song of all-time IMO, "Can I Play With Madness"

Standout Track:
"Can I Play With Madness"
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