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1349 – Revelations in the Black Flame (2009)

I’ve never been a huge fan of 1349. I saw them open for Carcass in 2008 and the best part of their show (I thought) was the ominous, ambient music that played over the speakers between songs. It gave the show a wicked, evil vibe. So when they released this album I wasn’t turned off like pretty much every fan the band had. Yes, the band was just aping what Deathspell Omega does (better) but there were some really cool parts, like the intro to Invocation, the weird ass piano interludes and the creepy as fuck last three songs. There were two or three standard 1349 songs on here and they were okay too. But even the band seems to have tried to forget this album ever came out. Too bad, I really liked it.
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