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I got your message NickLed. Yes, paperless sucks but it shouldn't stop you from going and it's (mostly) nothing to be afraid of. Essentially you just buy your ticket and then you take that card to the show. You won't get any other form of ticket, you'll just have your card. They'll swipe your card at the gate and what looks like a credit card receipt will print out on the device strapped to the attendants side and it will have your seat number. Even if your card gets lost or stolen or expires you will be able to get into the show if you explain the situation to the box office. In 2011, my cards numbers got stolen so it was deactivated and I was issued a card with a totally different number. I just took my order number and my old and new card to the box office and they printed me out a hard ticket.

However, there are some cons. First for me is that you don't have a good souvenir from the show, what they give you is a flimsy little piece of shit and nothing like a real ticket. Second, if you get sick, or have something else come up or can't make the show for some reason, good luck trying to sell the ticket. The person would have to have your card to get in. Third, and this really only matters with GA, it's possible that there will be a problem with your ticket printing at the gate. You'll get it sorted out and get into the show but you're screwed as far as a good spot on the floor.

So yes, it's totally stupid. But it is mostly reliable and you won't have a problem getting in, it just creates little headaches that wouldn't exist if they just used a normal ticket system.
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