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I've been reading that Punk has been performing pretty banged up lately to, which is another reason they kept him off RAW. Supposedly, he hurt his leg bad when he did that elbow dive to Taker on the announcers table at mania. He was supposed to get an MRI on his leg this week. I read he's having a hard time walking around and his knees are giving him some trouble to. Of course with him being straight edge, regular injuries other wrestlers treat with medication might take him longer to recover from. Not sure what he does, if anything, but he has to do something to help with the pain you would think.

It would be a huge blow to the WWE since he's one of the only guys worth watching each week, but maybe he should take some time off until Summerslam if these reports are true. It's very possible that they could be when you consider Punk went right from the independents into the WWE and has been working fulltime for them since 2006. That's a long time to go without an extended break. If he does take one, he will be missed but he's damn sure earned a few months off if he needs it.