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Tim Ripper Owens -- Frederick, MD -- April 6th, 2013

Full Review

SO Tim Ripper Owens performed, he had Beyond Fear as his backing band, but it was billed more as Ripper. So I dunno how you wanna label that.

I thought Ripper sounded great, but the guitars were kinda buried in the mix. There were some mic problems that kind of derailed early momentum (overcome later).

The show was billed as 2hrs of Ripper doing solo, Beyond fear, Dio, Priest, and ???. It was almost 2 hrs... with mic problems/delays and the last 20-25 minutes were Ripper on guitar and the guitarist on vocals, playing parts of cover songs. So I dunno how I really feel about that...

Ripper Owens (w/ Beyond Fear)
(11:13 - 1:05 )

  • And... You Will Die(Beyond Fear song)
  • Save Me(Beyond Fear song)
  • The Ripper(Judas Priest song)
  • Painkiller(Judas Priest song)
  • Burn in Hell(Judas Priest song)
  • Scream Machine(Beyond Fear song)
  • Flight of Icarus(Iron Maiden cover)
  • Grinder(Judas Priest song)
  • Starting Over
  • Death Race
  • Blood Stained(Judas Priest song)
  • Mob Rules(Black Sabbath cover)
  • The Human Race(Beyond Fear song)
  • One on One(Judas Priest song)
  • Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Heart Of A Killer(Winters Bane song) (partial, a Capella)
  • Inside the Devil's Mind(a NEW Beyond Fear song)
  • Breaking the Law/ Metal Health/ Highway to Hell/ Desert Plains/ Motorbreath(Partial Covers medley)
  • Living After Midnight(Judas Priest song)
  • Say What You Will/ You Got Another Thing Comin'/ Victim of Changes/ Unknown/ Heading Out to the Highway(Partial Covers medley)

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