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Soilwork -- Tempe, AZ -- April 7th, 2013

Venue: Rocky Point Cantina

My best friend bought my broke ass a VIP ticket.

This was my fourth time seeing Soilwork, but the first time I got to meet anyone in the band. They were cool. I had a brief conversation with Bjorn "Speed" Strid about touring, album sales and whatnot.

Hatchet wasn't bad, though newer thrash bands aren't really my thing. We skipped Blackguard. Jeff Loomis was pretty cool, but I think his band would be better off with a singer. The instrumentalness just kind of makes it a drag a bit. Wasn't bad though. Unfortunately I don't know any of these bands well enough to post set lists.

Soilwork was great. We were on the rail, right next to the side speakers so I was pretty much deaf by the end of the show but it was totally worth it. Had a great time.


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