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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
This is pretty good for somebody just getting into Maiden. In terms of what's realistic, Caught Somewhere In Time hasn't been played since they toured for the album because the band thinks the song sounds like shit live. So, it will more than likely never be back. Only The Good Die Young has never been played live and never will be. If a song isn't played when Maiden is touring for that particular album, then the song never gets played live. Bring Your Daughter and Stranger In A Strange Land haven't been done in a very long time either. Most of your set is filled with regulars or semi-regular songs they play. They have a bunch of live albums, just take a look at the track listing's on those if you wanna know what they're sets are like.

You need more off Seventh Son, like Moonchild and Infinite Dreams. You're also missing the holy grail of all metal songs, Hallowed Be Thy Name.

That song would be worth demanding if Dave and Janick didn't lazily butcher the solo every night.

I thought that set looked pretty good, actually.
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