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Guess I'll chime in about RAW.
It was the first RAW I have turned on... and KEPT ON in a very long time (even though I only caught an hour or so of it), and it was all thanks to the crowd (as everyone else is saying). Yes, it'll go back to how it normally is, but who cares, last night was great.

All the random chants going on "R-V-D, R-V-D, R-V-D" "JBL, JBL, JBL"
The crowd booing for the "faces" and cheering for the "heels"
The "Thank you Big Show" chant when he interferred in Shemus vs Orton
and of course.... SINGING ALONG TO FAN-DAN-GO's theme music. That was absolutely amazing and so goddamn hilarious.

Is Smackdown being shot in the same place tonight? If so then hopefully the crowd will be just as on fire as they were last night.
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