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And here is my monstrosity of an interview with Ronny Munroe from Metal Church. They're one of my favorite bands ever, so there was no way I wasn't going to royally grill Ronny with this interview haha. If it had been with Kurdt Vanderhoof the interview would have never ended! Anyway, I think there's some cool info in here for Metal Church fans. Enjoy!

Well, looks like this one made blabbermouth too. Cool! Not digging all the 'we want Mike Howe' comments though. Dude may have been the best Metal Church singer (and one of the best American metal vocalists ever IMO) but he has no interest in coming back, and Ronny is doing such a good job. Ronny can sing the David Wayne songs way better than Mike Howe ever did as well.

And I got my first mean comment! I made it guys, I finally made it!

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