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I wonder if Rocks situation forced them into the thing with the Shield and the Undertaker? It really is a good way to get Undertaker involved in a match and have him do nothing towards the end. He can get the hot tag at the end, come in and Tombstone the Shield's big guy, get the ping and either:
- win the match
- get kicked in the side of the head by another member of the Shield and get pinned. Undertaker, Kane and Bryan would lose nothing and the Shield would gain everything.

I, obviously, like the second option.

Take it for what it's worth, but with regards to Rocks injury my apprentice's cousin works at a really high end gym in New York that has an even more high end section for celebrities. He called my apprentice yesterday afternoon and was over the moon because the Rock was at his gym. I'm not a Rock basher, maybe he was doing a light workout and found out then that his body was fucked?
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