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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Definitely one of the more memorable episodes in many years. If every single crowd was like that, I'd get over the last hurdle of mine into getting full blown back into all this. Sadly, I have to think the crowd reactions were from the international die-hards that stuck around after WM29, made a vacation out of it and said F it, let's go to Raw. The soccer chant culture dominated...and it was awesome.

I expect next week to go back to the usual.
It was the same for the RAW after mania last year. The diehards stayed an extra day to go to RAW and the crowd reaction was much different. Remember the mania crowd and the one that was at RAW the following night are the ones that started Daniel Bryan's moster push because they were constantly chanting "Yes" through the show and booed Sheamus out of the building for beating Bryan in 18 seconds at mania. Since then Bryan's career has taken off and he's been a major part of the company. Now Bryan is teaming with not only Kane but The Undertaker to possibly take on The Shield? The guy has recovered greatly from what was a complete burial at wrestlemania 28 to be one of the most over fan favorites on the roster now. The crowd that was at RAW after mania last year played a huge role in getting Bryan the support he needed to get where he is today.

Unfortuntely, just like last year, the crowd will be back to their normal boring selfs next week. Of course they would come alive all the time if the WWE actually gave them reasons to cheer and be passionate at the shows now.

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