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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
One of the best SELLERS in WWE.
Fixed that for you.

Ziggler is a great seller in the ring, that's the main thing that's gotten him this far. His in ring skill is decent but he's certainly hasn't shown to be one of the best wrestlers on the roster. His finisher is lame and his two other main moves, the superkick and fameasser are not original and were made famous and done much better by HBK and Billy Gunn. He still has to prove he's a top guy in the WWE when it comes to actual wrestling skill. Hopefully he won't be booked like shit anymore and he can show why so many people think he's special because he doesn't have me completely sold yet. That crowd reaction when his music hit to come down for the cash in and when he won was insane though. I still believe the cash in should've happened at mania. I think Ziggler is good but i've seen nothing from him to convince me he's as good as his fans make him out to be.

So, was that supposed to be a Ryback heel turn last night? If so, that completely failed.
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