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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Yep, I read that they're in panic mode backstage at RAW today for a re-write since the Rock decided to be the asshole we all know he is and go home without telling anybody. I read he has an injury. Working three crap matches in one year has got to be tough

Overall, mainia wasn't too bad of a show. Now if Vince can just realise that Taker's matches need to close the show then we could end mania with quality main events instead of the garbage that has ended it the last three years. Seriously, what does Taker have to do now to show that nobody should follow him at mania? The match against Punk was great which should really be no surprise when you've got the greatest of all time going up against the best full time worker the WWE has right now.

I was really surprised to see Mark Henry win. Maybe he will be challenging Cena or Del Rio next. I guess the WWE has lost some faith in Ryback since he took the pin last night when he really needed a big win. Maybe beating Cesaro and giving him a good run with the US title can build him up as a threat again. I was also surprised that Swagger didn't beat down Del Rio after the match to set up a Ziggler cash in. The show needed something unpredictable to happen that never did. That would've been good and got the crowd buzzing a bit.

Tripe H and Brock was pretty good but the wrong man won. Triple H winning at this point is not needed and does nothing. Brock murdering people in the ring and winning will draw money still. Triple H winning big matches doesn't anymore.

Rock and Cena stunk up the joint again. Well, mainly The Rock did.
Prob how I would feel if I saw Mania. May see Taker/Punk just cuz Punk is one of my faves. Lesnar shouldve killed HHH but whatevs.

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