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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Last majority of the match was Rock and Cena just doing reversals into each others finisher.
It was like the WHOLE match. Finisher after finisher...kinda diminishes the meaning of the word. And a BORING match, agreed.

Undertaker/Punk stole that show, great match. Lesnar/HHH was meh ok, not as brutal as I thought, but this is still is PG-era writing.

Didn't catch the Miz/Barrett match, but jeez, has this title thing really fallen off the map when the goddamned IC title is driven down to dark match status.

The Shield match was not exciting at all.

Ryback match could have been a lot better too. Team Hell No match was ok too, glad they won. Jericho/Fandango was ridiculous, not in a good way. The gimmick is fine, but the casting is just the pits. Curtis Fandango is soooo bad. Del Rio/Swagger was predictable, both wrestlers bore me to tears.

Too bad the Rhodes/Funks match got dropped even though it was pointless.
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