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The Mix over Wade Barrett; I'm not surprised. I feel bad for both. Miz was in the main-event three years ago (albeit playing third fiddle to Rock and Cena) and Wade Barrett was so hot in summer 2010, now they don't even get on the main card.

Glad the Shield won and glad Randy Orton didn't turn heel and reveal himself to be in ca-hoots with them. They don't need anyone else.

Surprised Ryback lost. I guess they see nothing in him now because I don't think he's won a PPV match in at least six months. Good for Henry though. Has he ever won at Wrestlemania? I guess after sixteen years in the company they finally see potential in him.

Very surprised Team Hell No came out on top, but Ziggler not winning the tag titles leads to a greater chance of him cashing in his MitB briefcase later tonight.

Fandango beating Jericho; I shake my head in sadness but I'm not surprised. Then I watch this video to make me forget it ever happened.
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