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HOF show last night was awesome.

Terry Funk & Mick Foley opened the show and KILLED it. The stories they tell are so interesting and amusing.

Trish sadly to say had the worst speech, it was really was kind of a snoozefest but things got fun when the entire arena started to boo her husband and she made her reveal (trying not spoil anything until Tuesday's broadcast).

Booker T, just like Foley had a really great speech, and Stevie Ray brought on the Harlem Heat chants which was really nice to see.

Backlund was just stark-raving mad, I thought he could have been a little more coherent because the stuff he was trying to say was actually really good.

The Trump segment was a laugh, the entire arena booed him, his children (except for the daughter lol), and his wife. He knew there was little point to him being there, but Trump knows it's all about good TV and that's the bottom line of everything he does.

And of course Bruno...I never knew what an amazingly powerful story he had until last night. The things he was saying really are an inspiration to people about his growing up under Nazi rule, moving to the US, becoming a star, etc. It was so enjoyable listening to him, and I'm glad he got the headlining status one more time.
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