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Alright, here's my interview with Sami from Ensiferum. So I haven't filmed an interview in a long time, so I forgot that I was supposed to record audio along with video (I did however remember to bring my audio recorder). This isn't in this written transcript, but right after the first question I realized I fucked up, brought out the recorder and asked the rest of the questions after apologizing for making such a stupid mistake. Sami then told a small anecdote about how he did a three hour long video interview for a documentary piece and the guy didn't have tape in his camera! He was super nice to me and my friend despite my colossal fuck up, and I think I got an enjoyable interview anyway. The audio turned out awful because of music blasting over our heads and the footage was dark, hence the transcript. It was a pain in the ass to type this one out haha. Well anyway, enjoy!
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