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AND NUMBER ONE IS................................................ ....

1.New Jersey - Bon Jovi

Year Of Release: 1988

1.Lay Your Hands On Me
2.Bad Medicine
3.Born To Be My Baby
4.Living In Sin
5.Blood On Blood
6.Homebound Train
7.Wild Is The Wind
8.Ride Cowboy Ride
9.Stick To Your Guns
10.I'll Be There For You
11.99 In The Shade
12.Love For Sale

Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Metal

At first you're going, "Bon Jovi ahead of Mindcrime? WHAT???!!!", bu let me tell you why this is ahead of Queensryche.This album has been with me ever since I heard Bad Medicine for the first time when I was 4 years old.It's probably the first album I was introduced to along with Slippery and Switchfoot's The Beautiful Letdown (all introduced to me through my dad).This album is just a true hard rock classic.I know it's not metal, and Bon Jovi never called themselves a metal band did they? The overall cowboy feel of the album is extremely unique IMO for the time and music the band played.Jon provides his best vocal performances on this album, and Richie bust out some of the best riffs and solos of all time.David's keyboards aren't over-the-top like on Slippery, they are just right.Tico his at his personnel best also, with drums that just crash like thunder, and Alec 's awesome bass playing provides the perfect wall of sound that the music needs.Highlights (even though extremely hard to choose) are epic-opener "Lay Your Hands On Me", which IMO is the best opening song on an album in the history of music, the EXTREMELY underrated cowboy ballad "Wild Is The Wind", and my favorite song of all-time as of this moment, th "Blood On Blood".My friends, New Jersey is my favorite album of all-time.

Standout Track:
"Blood On Blood"
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