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1) I Want it All
2) Seven Seas of Rhye
3) Another One Bites the Dust
4) Bring Back That Leroy Brown
5) I'm Going Slightly Mad
6) Stone Cold Crazy
7) Don't Lose Your Head
8) Machines (Back to Humans)
9) Death on Two Legs
10) Love of My Life
11) I Was Born to Love You
12) The Invisible Man
13) Innuendo
14) Killer Queen
15) Dragon Attack
16) Somebody to Love
17) The Millionaire Waltz
18) Don't Stop Me Now
19) Hammer to Fall
20) Bohemian Rhapsody
21) The Show Must Go On
22) Tie Your Mother Down
23) If You Can't Be 'Em
24) It's a Beautiful Day
25) We Are the Champions
Outro: God Save the Queen
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