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Another thing I forgot to mention - our band has the tentative title of "Cloaca" (spelled Kloaka, however). My friend mentioned this to Karl after I told him we were going to cover Annihilation of the Wicked and Sarcophagus, and the following occured:

Karl: "So you're in a band?"

Me: "Yeah, I'm on vocals, he's on guitar *gestures to friend*, and these guys back him up. Three guitarists, one vocalist, no bassist or drummer because we live in a craphole city with no one interested in metal."

Karl: "I get ya. So what's your band called?"

Friend: "Kloaka."

Karl: "What does that mean?"

Friend: *trying not to laugh his ass off* " most animals - mammals, notably...their waste tracts are two completely different things. In birds and reptiles...there's a singular tract known as a cloaca meant for waste disposal."

Karl: *WTF look*

Friend: "It's probably not gonna stick though, we may change it."

Karl: "I see."
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