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Crashdiet -- Fridley, MN -- April 3rd, 2013

The Savage Playground Tour hit G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park. Headliners Crashdiet with support from Crucified Barbara and openers Snakeskyn Whiskey.

Snakeskyn Whiskey was ok, don't know the band but covered the classic Led Zepp tune Rock N Roll.

Crucified Barbara stole the show. I have liked all the records but they crush it live. Very tight nailing the harmonized guitar parts and backing vocals. They are like "Subhuman Race" Skid Row mixed with Motorhead. Blown away by them. The set list is from memory. The songs are not in order and I'm missing a couple songs as well:

The Crucifier
Into The Fire
Rock Me Like The Devil
Shut Your Mouth
Sex Action
In Distortion We Trust
Go Roffe

Crashdiet was really good. Tons of energy and entertaining. I have the set list so this is correct:

Change The World
Breakin' The Chainz
Lickin' Dog
Queen Obscene/69 Shots
Territorial Pissings (Nirvana Cover)
Garden Of Babylon
Riot In Everyone
Chemical was listed but they played So Alive instead
Cocaine Cowboys
Generation Wild

Not totally pleased with the set, could have used Down With Dust and California, but not bad. The Nirvana cover was surprising.

Overall a great night of rock!!
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