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Originally Posted by bennythedog View Post
Count me in as a Stryper fan!!

Here's my dream set list... key word there is dream (since there's no ballads nor THWTD in this one)

2. Loud N Clear
3. Makes Me Want To Sing
4. Loving You
5. Together Forever
6. Sing Along Song
7. Rockin The World
8. Reach Out
9. More Than A Man
10. Rock The Hell Out Of You
11. God
12. The Way
13. Caught In The Middle
14. The Writing's On The Wall
15. Heaven And Hell
16. Shining Star
17. You Know What To Do
18. Co'mon Rock
19. The Reign

20. On Fire
21. Immigrant Song
22. Soldiers Under Command
23. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Killer set, Battle Hymn works best as an intro though IMO and it needs "Free"
8/16 - Motley Crue/Alice Cooper
9/27 - Styx
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