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I think "Cold" is better than anything on Dedicated to Chaos and Kings & Thieves, but it's still a pretty generic song. That said, I think all of its parts fits together better than "Redemption." For example, the chorus feels like a natural progression out of the verse, whereas Redemption's chorus just does not fit. While I'm not impressed with the lyrics from either camp's new song, I like that Cold isn't another GT "I'm a badass" song, or a bunch of goofy crap like on Dedicated to Chaos, and doesn't have the corny Journey chorus and thesaurus fueled verses of Redemption.

I like "Cold" better than "Redemption" but it's a hollow victory because I don't think either song is really that good. As far as I can see it, there used to be one Queensryche I was sort of interested in, and now there's going to be two that I'm not at all interested in.

Wake me up when DeGarmo is back...
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