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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Yeah about $28 here but thats roughly what slaughter will cost. Plus I would have to fly solo for their headliner show which is something I wont be doing anymore is attending concerts by myself. Waaay funner with friends!
If I had that mentality I wouldn't go to more than half the shows I go to. I can get friends to go see more popular bands and I drag my brother along to some small shows, but almost all of the mid-level shows I go to are alone. I agree its usually way more fun with friends but some of the best shows I have seen have been alone!

But yeah about this tour I agree that it seems unlikely that this tour will have the same draw as past years of SS, unless they do announce another big-name band, which I am not sure if they are supposed to since I stopped paying attention to this thread since this lineup doesn't do much for me.
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