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Otep -- Rochester, NY -- April 1st, 2013

This is my first review here. So if i break any commandments, don't send me to the dungeon

Went to Montage music hall here in Rochester for Otep last night. She isn't normally my style, and I originally wasn't going to go, although I like some of her stuff. But my friend and frequent concert buddy is big on her, and she talked me into it. When we got there a local band who I'm unfamiliar with was playing. We weren't really into them so we went to the bar for some adult beverages. The place had quite a few people when we got there, but started getting really full by then. Its a small place so it didn't take much anyway.

Picture Me Broken was next. Couldn't get into them. They were kind of annoying. The lead singer is Greg Allmans daughter. You'd think something would've rubbed off. Daddy must be so proud. lol. Since i wasn't into it much, i went back for more drinks. Holy fuck, I sound like such a lush, don't I?

One eyed Doll was supposed to be next but cancelled due to illness.

So finally time for Otep. I've never seen her before. Her intro music came on and the place really started buzzing. then the first song starts and the roof blows off the place. Holy fuck! I couldn't help but get caught up. She is so full of energy and intense. So much emotion in her voice. Especially with her growling and screaming. Damn can she scream. You can really feel it. She has total control over the crowd because of all that. The rest of the band complimented her pretty well too. I was surprised what a good show it was. Although rowdy at times, which was totally understandable, it was pretty well behaved. She did a few of the songs i really like from her. Ghostflowers, Rise rebel Resist, Eet the children, crooked spoons, warhead. She stayed after for a meet and greet but we couldn't stay. I'm not quit sure if they were charging for it anyway. Whenever she comes back this way I won't need to be talked into it again. great freakin show.


Eet the children
Crooked Spoons
Apex predator
My Confession
Blood Pigs
Battle Ready
Breed (nirvana song)
Rise Rebel Resist
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