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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Even though the guy playing Fandango has been in WWE developmental for a while i've never seen him wrestle a match so there's no way to know for sure if the match will be that good. Jericho is great in the ring but most fans really don't know what he has to work with when it comes to Fandango. I'm not sure what you're talking about with Jericho using new moves. I haven't noticed anything different since his return.

Either way Jericho has had one of the worst falls from last year's mania to this years. It's not like they couldn't have had him and Cesaro feud over the US title for mania or anything. At least then you would know you were getting something good. Fandango is completely unproven and not worthy of a match on the mania card. The guy has done nothing to earn a spot on the show.

Meanwhile, Barrett and Miz's match for the IC title has been bumped to the pre-show. Give me a fuckin break, pathetic booking. Weather you like those two or not, you can't deny that they haven't at least earned a spot on the main card for mania unlike Fandango.
Booking is horrible as fuck this year! Jericho was headling mania last year and Miz (although I am not really a fan) was headling two years ago. They both deserve better. And the IC title not being defended on the main card?! The belts don't even matter anymore. It's bullshit.
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