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7.Shake Your Money Maker - The Black Crowes

Year Of Release: 1990

1.Twice As Hard
2.Jealous Again
3.Sister Luck
4.Could I've Been So Blind
5.Seeing Things
6.Hard To Handle
7.Thick N' Thin
8.She Talks To Angels
9.Struttin' Blues
10.Stare It Cold
11.Don't Wake Me (Bonus Track)
12.She Talks To Angels (Acoustic - Bonus Track)
13.Mercy, Sweet Moan (Bonus Track)

Genre: Blues Rock/Southern Rock/Hard Rock

The Black Crowes are THE blues and southern rock band IMO.Some may say Aerosmith, but they seem to have a more fresher sound then Aerosmith to me.This is definitely their best album, and it's my second favorite debut album of all time.Chris Robinson has the gritty tone and swagger in his voice that I love, and he uses both well.The guitar duo of Rich Robinson and Jeff Cease is one that can only be topped by few.Drum player Steve Gorman pounds on the drums proving to be one of my favorite drum players, and Johnny Colt tightens things up with his excellent bass playing.Highlights include the rockin' opener "Twice As Hard", the underrated bar fight song "Thick N' Thin", and my personnel favorite, the grooving "Struttin' Blues".

Standout Track:
"Struttin' Blues"
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8/30 - Motley Crue
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