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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
A lot of people have been jumping on this "Cena's turning heel" bandwagon this year. While I'll admit that's one thing the WWE could do that would even get an old crustbucket like myself interested in their product again I see zero chance of that happening too.

I see Wrestlemania going like this:
- Undertaker wins
- Lesnar wins
- Orton turns heel and backstabs Big Show and Sheamus
- Cena wins, a handshake between Rock and Cena closes out the show with some allusion to a rematch next year

The rest of the matches (even the Shield one) are pretty inconsequential.

-Undertaker wins.
-HHH wins setting up feud with Rock/Lenser that is rumored.
-Orton beats Show/Sheamus and continues his huge push he gets since he's a fan favorite.
- Cena wins. Setting up Punk / Cena feud where Punk takes back belt.