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Razor - Executioner's Song - April, 1985

At this point, Razor are still pretty much the same band that released the Armed and Dangerous EP. The new songs are a little different, with a bit more of a thrash feel to them, especially "Escape the Fire", "Gatecrasher" and "Deathrace", but this is still fun, loud speed metal for the most part. Dave Carlo and company have obviously been listening to what's been happening in the scene though. There's an attempt at greater aggression and varied songwriting in the newer songs, so much so that the old songs from the EP sound almost poppy in comparison. The better songs from Armed and Dangerous still kill though. "Take This Torch" will go down as one of my all-time favourites.

Standouts: Escape the Fire, Gatecrasher, Take This Torch

Score: 7/10
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