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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Have you been watching TNA for the last year and a half? They've been pretty damn good. They've had much better matches and way better character developement with their roster than the WWE. Most of the guys in TNA actually have some personality which is something that is severly lacking in the WWE right now. WWE's booking has been garbage for a long time now while TNA's has been pretty entertaining overall.
Havent followed it as much cuz that aces and eights story never interested me, That whole stable has veterans that are snoozefest(never liked Anderson). I'm not really a fan of Jeff Hardy either, who seems to be a main point of interest. He had a match with an Angle on Impact recently that was just finishersmania. Saw some recent episodes and thought they were okay. One thing is for sure, the Women's division exists and has talent and they dont have an overkill amount of titles. Also Chavo actually wrestling is cool. But overall, I still think it's not far and beyond WWE. I dont even watch WWE either, just skim stuff and read the wrestling wrap up on to keep in touch with mainstream prowrestling as a whole.
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