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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
15.Shout At The Devil - Motley Crue

Year Of Release: 1983

1.In The Beginning
2.Shout At The Devil
3.Looks That Kill
5.God Bless The Children Of The Beast
6.Helter Skelter
7.Red Hot
8.Too Young To Fall In Love
9.Knock 'Em Dead Kid
10.Ten Seconds To Love

Genre: Heavy Metal

Motley Crue are not only one of the best glam metal bands around, they're one of the best metal bands around period.But around this time, the only thing glam about Motley Crue was their image.Their music on this album (and the first) was just straight up heavy metal, I don't care what anybody says.Mick Mars is one of the most underrated guitar players of all-time, and Nikki Sixx can handle the bass pretty well.Tommy Lee is of course one of the legendary drummers that came out of 80's, and Vince Neil's voice on this record fits the type of "Danger"(no pun intended) this album tries to bring perfectly.Highlights include the two punch attack of "Shout At The Devil" and "Looks That Kill", and my all-time favorite Crue song "Too Young To Fall In Love".All in all a classic metal album.

Standout Track:
"Too Young To Fall In Love"
There we fuckin' go. Motley Crue's best record.
1/22 Artificial Brain ?
1/27 Koffin Kats ?
2/10 Marduk
2/14 Death Angel ?
2/17 Overkill
2/18 Deterioration
2/23 Immolation ?
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