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I had an idea for Cesaro to get on the wrestelmania card still. I read that Christian has been ready to return since before the Rumble but the WWE doesn't have anything for him to do. Shocking, I know I was thinking that Cesaro should lay out an open challenge this week to anyone at mania for the US title and have Christian return and beat him. But that idea is too good for the WWE to go through with. Even though a feud with Christian and Cesaro over the US title would result in some really good matches. It's all downhill for Cesaro anyways now since on Smackdown they had him yoddeling on the mic instead of talking before his match. I guess that's his new gimmick and he'll just be another stupid comedy guy now

The card is pretty full I wouldn't be surprised if the Brodus, Tensai, Funkadactyls vs Sandow, Rhodes and The Bellas match isn't moved to the pre show. Nice way to thank Sandow and Rhodes for all their hard work this year by just giving them a throwaway match at mania.

At least in TNA hard work and wrestling are still important and matter to the company.
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