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The Ghost Inside -- Pontiac, MI -- March 30th, 2013

Rotting Out opened the show. They were a cool hardcore band w/ tons of energy.

Next up was Stray From The Path. This was my 2nd time seeing them, and they were killer once again. Wow, they're good live. I hope to see them many more times.

Stray From The Path setlist

Negative & Violent
Bring It Back to the Streets (w/ Jesse from Stick To Your Guns)
Rising Sun
Death Beds
Mad Girl

Stick To Your Guns were next. They're always good live, but this show was not as good as the previous times I've seen 'em because their singer did too much talking b/w songs. I'm fine w/ that, but they'd literally play 2 songs & then talk for 5 min. It killed the energy. They're a really good live band, though.

Stick To Your Guns setlist
Against Them All
Such Pain
What Goes Around
We're What Separates The Heart From The Heartless
This Is More
Life In a Box
Empty Heads
We Still Believe
D(I Am)Ond
Built Upon The Sand

The Ghost Inside headlined. It was great to see them again. It'd been a few years for me. They said on this tour they brought along the opening bands that the fans requested the most, and for booking the dates they just picked the cities & chose venues w/ no barricades. That's awesome! The show had been sold out for weeks. The Ghost Inside put on a GREAT set. I've seen them 6 or 7x now, and this was the best show yet. They did a mix of songs from all their albums. For me the highlights were easily "This Is What I Know About Sacrifice" & their closer "Engine 45." This tour was phenomenal... probably the best show I've been to so far in 2013. Go see any of these 4 bands if you can.

The Ghost Inside setlist
Between the Lines
The Great Unknown
Faith or Forgiveness
Slipping Away
Greater Distance
This Is What I Know About Sacrifice
Thirty Three
Blue & Gold
Engine 45
9/3 Shai
9/17 Erra
9/20 SFTP
9/23 7d
10/3 KoRn
10/5 Norma Jean
11/20 MH
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