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Otep -- West Springfield, VA -- March 30th, 2013

Full Review

We missed the less than metal Picture Me Broken, but saw One-Eyed Doll and Otep. Early show, over by 9:30 due to a hip hop / DJ event at 10. So we HAD TIME TO GO TO ANOTHER SHOW (posting that after this)

pretty good crowd (~300 people), from all over the spectrum.

Both One-Eyed Doll and OTEP... not a big fan of the music itself, but the live shows were rather entertaining and both frontwomen had great stage presence. Also a lot of hats/masks were changed.

My favourite part was Bane and Scarecrow from Destrophy being Otep's henchmen on the guitars

One-Eyed Doll (7:05- 7:44)
  • Committed
  • Break
  • Plumes of Death
  • Be My Friend
  • Nudie Bar
  • Fight

Otep (8:13- 9:31)

  • Eet the Children
  • T.R.I.C.
  • Crooked Spoons
  • Apex Predator
  • Warhead
  • My Confession
  • Blood Pigs
  • Battle Ready
  • Ghostflowers
  • Confrontation
  • Hag
  • Breed(Nirvana cover)
  • Rise, Rebel, Resist
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