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83. Ratt - Detonator

1. Intro To Shame/War In D
2. Shame Shame Shame
3. Lovin' You's A Dirty Job
4. Scratch That Itch
5. One Step Away
6. Hard Time
7. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
8. All Or Nothing
9. Can't Wait On Love
10. Givin' Yourself Away
11. Top Secret

I enjoyed listening to this album after a quite lackluster Reach For The Sky. This album was less polished and saw a return (albeit, very brief, before going on hiatus until 1997) to a more raw hard bluesy rock sound more reminiscent of Invasion Of Your Privacy. Ratt is one of those bands that got lumped in with the term "hair metal". Well, show me a popular hard rock band from the 80s that didn't have long hair. These guys along with Dokken, Cinderella & Tesla all played hard rock music with a bluesy twist but because they all in one way or another fit the 80s image, they all get lumped into the "hair" group. But I digress. Great album with a screamin' Soldano SLO100 from Warren DeMartini.

Favorite track: Shame Shame Shame
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