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I saw Led Zep 2 a few weeks ago at the HOB in LA. It was a little weird seeing them all dressed up like the real thing (this was kind of my first time seeing a bigger cover band of this nature), but they were very good. Only real complaint was the drummer hit a bit hard, more like a metal drummer and less like Bonham's looser style. very minor complaint, he was still tight overall. Good setlist, covered hits and deep cuts. Their performance of Stairway was really intense. The crowd loved it and gave them their biggest reaction for it. The crowd was pretty trashy and old. Buncha tourists too who I think were just looking for something to do in LA on a saturday night. They got REALLY into the show, which was sad to me bc this isnt the real band, so just calm down. Def. check them out though as it seems we'll never get to see the real thing again.
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